On this page, you will find links about my past work. We are actually working on some of my recent works (games, interactive experiences) to diffuse trailers. I am currently working on a soundcloud to share my atmosphere record (sea, forest…).

Endless Legend Shadows – Amplitude Studios, Game Audio Factory

I worked as Arnaud Roy assistant (Lead Audio and composer): Record of the instruments, sound editing, mixing, and mastering. I can ask for a recommendation letter if needed. The musics of the game will be available the 19 november, on this video you can listen a model.

• Deadly Cocoa

I mixed in binaural (3D audio with headphones) the last episode of the audio serie. You can listen to it (with headphones !) on this link !

Creazy mix

A work based on a predefined soundbank, you can listen to it on this link ! (binaural mix, you can use headphones to listen to it !).


An ENJMIN first year project, 3 months of development. I record every sound in the game (more than 700 voices files, many foleys and atmospheres), and worked on the sound integration (Wwise – Unity). It’s an immersive game, you can use headphones and Oculus Rift to play.

Maniac Manors 

Lead audio (team of 3 peoples) and sound designer of this game.

• Baccarat

Student advertising project on Baccarat crystal. I worked on the sound design.

• Big Brother

Short movie, I worked as sound mixer.


• De Travers

Short tail movie, student project. I worked as sound designer and mixer (5.1 mix).