Holy Box

Sound designer on Holy Box, I worked on cartoon sound, for each games inside !

This game has been made in 48 cf6678_3ca66abe6e7b4a6d90b75cea1aa9ba22.jpg_srz_p_596_242_75_22_0.50_1.20_0hours during the Global Game Jam 2015, by a 6 students team.


Holy Box is an intense party game which chain various mini games. Players have sometimes to cooperate, sometimes fight themselves or another time face of an external threat. Just like big license of the kind, Holy Box throws players in an off the wall universe where no holds barred!

1901373_335430879985850_9145344458772578190_n 10429305_335684699960468_2725620926266282133_n 10405473_335312546664350_4373794045959961037_n

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