Maniac Manors – Cezure production

I work as the Lead Audio and Sound designer on Maniac Manors. I managed the audio team and work on the design and the integration.

Maniac Manors is a mixing adventure, puzzles, reflection and exploration in evolutionary scenario public from the « Point & Click » Thurs it is in the 60s around Innsmouth, United States.

You play the role of a bold property manager who has acquired at auction, for a ridiculous price, a beautiful manor house dating from the late nineteenth century. Want to understand the reason for this great deal, you sent your son and partner Gavin scout locations. A few days later, he contacts you, enthusiastic, mentioning the incredible discoveries require your arrival. Intrigued, you decide to join and put you on the road.

Once there, you find the mansion, but Gavin is unreachable …

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