Multi-channel and binaural (natif) Field recording

Record of a fake prison crowd with 35 walk on part at the CNAM-ENJMIN. 4minx from AETA, quad record with 2*Schoeps ORTF. Many size of crowd recorded, here is an edit with some samples.

Field record at the “Ile aux Coudres”, Quebec. AETA 4minx, C414 from AKG, Hydrophones from Jez.

Sea at night record with a blumline stereo of C414 with a 4Minx from AETA.

• 07/15. Harley Davidson Soundbank, distribute (in a few months) by Game Audio Factory. Worked with Marie Doyeux;

• 01-06/14. Wintry and Wildlife atmosphere and foleys records – Canada. 4.0 to binaural records;

• 12/13. Aquatic atmosphere and foleys records – Nice, France;

• 12/13. Beach Atmosphere and foleys records – Nice (France);

• 10/13. Parisian’s forest Atmosphere an foleys records – Paris, France;

• 09/13. Parisian touristic places Atmosphere an foleys records – Paris, France;

• 06/13. Forest and wildlife Atmosphere an foleys records – France;

• 03-05/13. Studio multi-channel and binaural records – Studios.

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