Endless Legend – Amplitude Studio

Endless Legend is a turn based 4X fantasy-strategy game developed by Amplitude.

I worked as an audio assistant for the music, at https://www.g4f-prod.com/

My roles

-Session creation, conversions..

-Recording (percussions, harp…)

-Assisting on the orchestra record at Studio Ferber

-Assisting on the edit, pre-mix, mix and mastering

Endless Legend Shadows, Amplitude Studio

The records took place at Angoulême, and at Studio Ferber, Paris. We work on the edition at Game Audio Factory (and had fun to make an extra 5.1 mix), the mix took place close to Angoulême, at Fabien Girard’s Studio.

12036533_1149022361835223_1255448850719438079_n 12039777_959463037457638_1973182026636212809_nmix endless

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