Resilio – ENJMIN

Last year project at the ENJMIN.

My roles :
-Audio design, audio mechanisms design

-Realism, feeling, subjectivity

-Dynamic mix using in-game situations

-Acoustic and psycho-acoustic sound effect

-Interactive atmosphere

-Wwise with unreal engine 4, 5.1 mix

DA audio

Resilio is an organic gun fight game, based on the feeling. It’s not natural to take a gun and shoot on someone else: the initial idea is to offer a realist experience of a gun fight. Playing a novice, using procedural control and feedback: if you shoot someone, he may not die, but scream for a while, if someone shoots close to you, you will not hear clearly, if you snap your gun, run and hurt something, the bullet may fire, etc. The idea is also to share emotion and feeling.

The sound design was novative on this project: immersion, realistic and subjective sound. We have included psycho-acoustic work on the design (binaural frequencies and brain rhythm impact, voice influences, or rhythm influences on heartbeat for example). I used to work on theses research for a couple of years, I’m glad to use it in this game! The gmae is mix in 5.1.

We worked on this project during 6 month, in a team of 11 student. Feel free to contact me for any information on the audio mechanism and for a playable build.



Breath system


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